Music is one of the most important parts of my writing process.  The right kind of music sends me so deep into my stories that nothing else around me matters. They put me in the mood and set the tone for my characters.  

Here are some of the playlists I used to write my published books.


A Rebel Star Playlist

Mehendi Rachi--Mumford & Sons, Laura Marling, Dharohar Project

Jungle--Jamie N. Commons, X Ambassadors

My Blood--Ellie Goulding

To Darkness/Kripa--Mumford & Sons, Laura Marling, Dharohar Project

Litost--X Ambassadors

Dead in the Water--Ellie Goulding

Don't Say a Word--Ellie Goulding

Letters from the Sky--Civil Twilight



A Lion's Pride Playlist

Lonely Boy-- The Black Keys

Put Your Lights On-- Santana Featuring Everlast

'Til I Collapse--Eminem

I Gave You All-- Mumford & Sons

Alyssa Rae Author

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